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Hours of Infinity is an ongoing series of projects that debuted at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and the Work Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Two gallery exhibitions, One Hundred Hours of Infinity and Twelve Hours of Infinity: Amduat displayed the output of a deceptively simple, rigorously imprecise drawing method – on the floor with a pencil attached to fishing line – that metaphorically represents the imperfection embedded within the human experience of the infinite.

The complementary installation/performance event An Hour of Infinity featured the simultaneous display of eight live drawing performers, two surround sound installations, and two graphic score musical performances throughout the Kelsey Museum galleries.

An Hour of Infinity encourages audiences to experience museums, libraries, and gallery spaces in a new way, by both watching and listening to the real-time creation of artwork within a space usually dedicated to viewing completed and archived works. Through the visual and sonic observation of a live working process, audiences find new connections between themselves, museum/gallery spaces, and time itself. Interested in staging An Hour of Infinity at your museum or gallery? Contact me.

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A Sound Map of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

A Sound Map of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

My latest solo CD is a soundscape composition created from eight hours of raw recordings I made in Cairo during spring 2010. This beautifully packaged release contains an essay on the process and philosophy behind the project as well as a two-page map of every location in the museum included in the composition. Now available from Budapest's 3LEAVES record label, this piece was featured as an installation in Corfu, Greece at WFAE 2011: Crossing Listening Paths, the annual International Conference on Acoustic Ecology.

Collections: UMMA

Learn more about my site-specific video score performance at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

Download Audito Tour: The 4'33" Museum

Audio Tour:
The 4'33" Museum

This solo album on Stasisfield contains a selection of my field recorder performances of Cage's legendary "silent piece" at various museums around the world.

Download Oculus


The wonderful Wandering Ear netlabel has released my album of pieces inspired by the sounds of mechanical equipment used to display still and moving images.

Notations 21 book cover

Notations 21

Musicologist Theresa Sauer's excellent "sequel" to John Cage's Notations graphic score project, Notations 21, is now available. My own Vanishing Point score is featured, along with works by over 160 other artists including Joan La Barbera, Pauline Oliveros, Phill Niblock, Steve Roden, R. Murray Schafer, Stephen Vitiello and Jennifer Walshe.