John Kannenberg is an artist, researcher, teacher, performer, storyteller, and writer.
He is also Director & Chief Curator of The Museum of Portable Sound.

The Museum of Portable Sound

The Museum of Portable Sound

The Museum of Portable Sound is an experimental curatorial project begun in November 2015. I serve as the Museum's Director and Chief Curator. The Museum also has an advisory Board of Directors made up of artists, curators, and other academic and creative industry professionals from around the world.

The Museum is portable, existing on a single mobile phone. Open hours are by appointment or by bumping into me on the street. The Museum's Permanent Collection of sounds is made up of 200 objects on display in 23 galleries, adding up to 5 hours of potential listening time. Visitors listen to the objects on display accompanied by a Museum Map and a printed copy of the Museum's Gallery Guide. There is also a collection of Physical Objects in the Museum's archive which can be requested for viewing when arranging a visit.

The Museum's Exposition Space hosts temporary exhibitions. There have been four temporary exhibitions so far, featuring the work of artists Ryan Maguire (US), Jessica Akerman (UK, guest curated by Irene Noy), and Daniel Toca (Mexico, guest curated by Cristina Sousa Martínez).

The fourth and most recent temporary exhibition is Portable Sound In Cinema 1979-2000, which I curated as a critical look at the portrayal of portable audio technologies in late 20th Century film.

The Museum also offers a continuing education course, Listening to Museums, a synthesis of deep listening practices and museum theory. Museum of Portable Sound Press publishes books, an educational tool entitled A Deck of Portable Sound Cards™, and an online magazine.

To visit the Museum, simply fill out the Contact form on the Museum's website to arrange an appointment. Memberships are also available. For help planning your visit, please refer to the Museum's Visitor Information.


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